手紙交流プロジェクト 「飛脚」


1. 下記フォームより、プロジェクト参加ご希望の旨をお知らせください。
2. 事務局より前の方のお手紙を送付しますので、それをお読みください。
3. お送りしたお手紙をお読みいただいたのち、ご自分の伝えたい思いをお手紙にしてください。内容は自由です。「手書き」でお願いします。日付を添えてください。
4. お書きいただいたお手紙を下記の事務局までお送りください。封筒に、お名前、住所、年齢を明記してください。
5. お手紙は、原本をお送りください。大切なお手紙ですので、お手元にコピーを取っておいてください。
6. 用紙は無地のものを使用してください。お手紙の形式、用紙のサイズ、枚数に制限はありません。
7. 個人情報は細心の注意を持って取り扱います。


ブリッジミージャパン 飛脚レタープロジェクト事務局
住所:511-0034 三重県桑名市地蔵13-21


Letter Project “Hikyaku”
- Call for Letters -

During the Bridge Me Japan journey, contemporary artist Gabriel Delponte collects thoughts and ideas of people all over Japan. This project is an attempt to shed light on unspoken words of many people and present them as authentic voices of the Japanese people. Trying to express the true feelings and sharing them with others will be a precious experience. Also, reading and embracing messages of others will help people gain broader perspectives on the world.
This project invites you to write a letter about your honest feelings that are not discussed in mass media, social media, or even among families and friends. It is an exploration of a possibility of communication that enables profound interaction among strangers across generations and geographical areas.
Letters collected from all over Japan will ultimately be made into an art piece to be displayed as the hidden voices of the Japanese people.

How to join
1. Contact us with the form below.
2. The project office will contact you and send a letter from a previous person. Please read it.
3. Write a letter to the next person freely in handwriting. Please indicate the date in the letter.
4. Send your letter back to the project office. Please indicate your name, address, and age on
the envelope.
5. Send the original letter to the office and keep a photocopy of your letter with you.
6. Use plain paper. There are no restrictions in the format, size, and volume of a letter.
7. Personal information is handled with the utmost care.
Handwritten letters, after being all collected, will be held together for the making of an art piece and will be displayed at art galleries, museums, and public spaces. Absolute respect will be paid to the meaning of writings and the words contained in the letters. The content of the letters will also be available anonymously on the Internet.

Inquiries/Send letter to:
Bridge Me Japan Hikyaku Letter Project Office
Email: bmjhikyaku@gmail.com
Address: 13-21, Jizo, Kuwana-shi, Mie 511-0034
Also see the contact form below. Thank you.


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